Indian IT firms worry as Canada toughens visa rules

Yes, the Indian IT firms are a worried lot following announcement of new toughened visa rules.

Tougher Canada skilled worker immigration visas—Canada’s announced new skilled worker immigration visa rules have made the IT firms become increasingly concerned. As per the information available, such changes could prove dampening for Indian IT firms wishing to get service orders in Canada.

Nasscom smells changes to be disruptive—Nasscom, the IT industry body, has stated that the rules could prove deterimental for IT firms. It may be notable in this regard that urgent intervention has been sought by Nasscom. For this, emails have been forwarded to external affairs ministery.

Speaking about the new rules, R Chandrashekhar, president of Nasscom, said each year, around 15,000 Canada work visas or Canada work permits are used by Indian IT firms.

And the decision of having tougher visa norms has been quite disappointing in respect of treatment towards skilled foreign workers under ICT(Intra-company transfers).

Canada has sent shock waves among the IT industry in India after its decision to introduce tougher skilled worker visa norms.

Changes wont affect IT firms—assures Canada minister—Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander, who is on a visit to India these days, has, meanwhile, assured that all such changes will not have any limiting effect on IT firms in any manner.

A meeting was held between Nasscom and Canada immigration minister Alexander. Giving further details about the new Canada ICT(Intra Company Transfer) visa norms, Alexander said a host of Canada visa options are going to become available to IT firms for sending their staff to Canada.

As per the government of Canada, the decision to have tougher Canada ICT visa rules was in response to the concerns over the misuse of ICT facility. Indian firms, as of now, can issue Canada work visa(under ICT scheme) to personnel having specialisd knowledge.

Clarifying about the new rules, Canada immigration minister said employees not qualifying in ICT scheme can be sent to Canada by IT firms on Canada temporary work permits provided they fulfill some conditions or on Canada Permanent Resident Visas.

The only requirement in this regard for IT firms will be to make an advertisement in Canada for recruitment of workers locally and a labor market assessment will be conducted if the firm is unable to get applicants with required skills/experience.

Its in such a scenario that IT firms can make an application for Canada temporary work permit for its workers. Another option for IT workers is to make an application for Canada permanent resident visa where workers will not stay in Canada permanently.