India top source of skilled immigration to Australia

And this will help the two nations develop stronger social, demographic and economic relations between each other.

India supplies maximum skilled immigrants to Australia--Chris Bowen, Australian immigration minister, who is on a visit to India these days, said migration between India and Australia is paving the way for better ties between the nations.

As per the official immigration figures for the year 2010-11, India has finally risen to be the top source of skilled immigrants thus leaving behind the UK and China.

For the last couple of years, India has been at the number three position in terms of supplying skilled immigrants to Australia, informed immigration minister Bowen.

And this is proving to be a big boon for Australia even as skilled immigrants are somehow shying away from moving to nations like the US or the UK, affirmed Bowen.

Valuable contribution of Indian skilled immigrants to Australia—Mr. Bowen did not hesitate to admit the vital significance of skilled immigrants from India coming to Australia and their contribution to the Australian economy.

It is not just Indian migrants but also their offspring who make significant contributions to the economy, he added.

As per official immigration figures for the period ending June 2010, Indian immigrants living in Australia were nearly 5.7 percent of the total foreigners living in Australia. Data reveals around 340,600 Indians residing in Australia for the same period.

Attacks on Indians in Australia unfortunate—Chris Bowen also admitted that the racial attacks on Indian students in Australia were indeed one of the most unfortunate incidents and led to significant decline in the enrolment of Indian students in Australian universities and colleges.

However, things started looking bright with increased applications for Australian student visas from Indians in the recent past, he maintained during the FICCI meeting.

Moreover, with introduction of new simpler rules for Australian student visas by Australian immigration department-DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) recently, genuine foreign students will find it far easier to get Australian student visas, confirmed Bowen.

One of the most notable changes is the background checks to be conducted by the concerned Australian educational institute or Australian university, he maintained.

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