Increased waiting times for US Green Card

Yes, that’s quite true. Applicants for US Green Cards wanting to join their family members or spouses in the US will have to face increased wait times.

Increased wait times for US Green Card applicants—The US federal program introduced in June 2012 has resulted in increased wait times for getting US Green Card. And this simply means more wait for joining family members or spouses living in the US.

Due to bureaucratic delays, thousands of Americans wanting US Green Cards for their foreign spouses or their family members have been waiting for as long as one year or even more.

This is due to the result of the deportation deferrals program for the young undocumented immigrants beginning in June 2012. It may be worth notable that the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) department have been focused more towards the US Deferred deportation program. And this has led to more waiting for US Green Card applicants.

What is US Deferral Program—Also called the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), it was introduced in June, 2012. Till date, as many as 521,815 youngsters have been benefitted with deferrals.

And the US immigration agency handles around 2,000 applications each day. And this means more wait for obtaining US Green Card for a parent, spouse or a child. The earlier waiting period for getting a US Green Card was just five months or even lesser.

But now, the waiting time has gone up to fifteen months or so in the past year.

Bureaucratic delays--It simply means around half a million wives, husbands and children of US citizens waiting to get their US Green Cards. What could this be called if not the bureaucratic delays in the last few months. Its causing delays in letting the families join in the US.

And obviously, the US citizens are not happy about such delays in getting US permanent resident visas for their family members. Moreover, as per the recent information, a backlog of around 500,000 applications is there waiting to get processed by the USCIS.

Another fact worth notable in this regard is that there is a pressure for expansion of the US Deferral Program for including more of the 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in the US currently. And this could jeopardize the process of US Green Card applications.

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