Implications Of Applying Visa Waiver And Getting Rejected

This program is enduring in

  • The U.S territories of Puerto Rico,
  • 50 states of United Sates and
  • The Caribbean – the Virgin Islands

All these territories have been chosen by the government since they happen to be the high-income generating economies and are the developed countries.

There are some essential eligibility criteria that have to be satisfied for being eligible for the Visa Waiver program. In visa waiver program the tourists taking interest for entering United States should be a permanent citizen of a country that has been appointed via Unites States secretary of homeland security.

Those visitors who are not the permanent citizens of the specified countries cannot meet the requirements designed for the visa waiver anyways. At any point of time the eligibility designed for visa waiver can be withdrawn if the citizen of that country seems to violate the visa waiver program limitations. That is if the traveler is working there exclusive on basis of any permit or overstaying in the country after the time period of 90 days is over.

The urgent requirements regarding the visa waiver program are that all the tourists must possess an individual passport as the children are not acceptable in the parent’s passport.
Passport necessities for visa waiver program are based on the issued date of the passport.

All the external passengers, who aim is to acquire benefits from the visa waiver program need to fill 1-94W form through online mode prior to making any move towards immigration. Moreover, the application should be filled in advance i.e. at least 3 days in advance. This eligibility condition was announced in the year 2008 and was made for the security purpose against the terrorist.

An applicant applying for this visa waiver program should never been arrested for any kind of criminal offense for the period of more than 5 years prior to the application applied for visa but in case the age of the person is below 18 they are exempted.

In addition to this a person cannot request the extension of the period of staying bin united sates under the visa waiver program. However, a visitor can look for towards change in the status on the foundation of that either a person got married to a US inhabitant or an application is provided for asylum.