Immigration from the US to Canada for studying

The education costs in the US have been continuing to soar in the recent times along with tough admission criteria in several US colleges and universities. This has compelled many US citizens to explore opportunities of studying in neighboring nations like Canada.

And the fact that Canada offers quality education at quite affordable costs had made it as one of the most sought-after destinations for studying abroad among the Americans.

•    Documentation–Permanent residents of the US and the US citizens wanting to enter Canada do need require a temporary resident visa or a passport.

Nonetheless, they are required to show a proof of their permanent residence or citizenship including a foreign registration card, a national ID (identity) card, driving license orany other form of identity.

However, US citizens wanting to immigrate to Canada for studying there require a valid Canada Study Permit issued by Canada immigration department, CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Also, the student needs to possess his two identical photographs meeting the specifications of the CIC.
Canadian study permit is a legal document permitting foreign students to study in Canada and work for part-time on the campus only as long as they are studying as a full-time student in Canada.

•    Study fees and processing–-To make an application for Canada Study Permit, the student needs to provide a letter of acceptance from the Canadian education institution along with a proof of financial support during their study period(this includes copies of bank statements of student’s parents, savings account of student, or any other bank statements).

The cost of Canada Study Permit is $125. Canada study permit is valid for the whole duration of the study course. Canada study permit can be renewed within a period of 90 days either before or after the date of expiry if the foreign student wants to continue his study in Canada beyond the expected date of graduation.

US students can get their applications processed at any of the major CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency).

An international student living in Canada for a minimum period of one year is eligible for getting a Canadian PR (Permanent Resident) card.