Immigration system to become speedier than before

Few months back, Citizenship AN Immigration Canada had returned thousands of applications coming from the applicants before March 2008. The department had then said that it is only a process of removing backlogs to make the immigration process faster and smoother for the applicants.

There is a proposal to streamline the immigration process for skilled trade workers. Federal government is trying to focus on the “labor market” of the nation and hence a speedier process would help combat the crisis of labors due to which the work gets withheld.

President of Canadian Construction Association says, “It looks like step in the right direction and we are happy to see the government acting so fast.”

The changes are

Creating a separate Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)

Here immigrants applying under this category will be basically assessed on four points including
• An offer of employment from at least 2 Canadian employers.
• This offer should be valid for at least one year’s time.
• An applicant should produce a certificate of qualification.
• Applicant should be proficient in any of the two official languages of Canada that is either English or French.
• Applicant should have an experience of at least 24 months in the relevant field.
• Applicant should meet all the criteria forwarded by NOC

Changes in Federal Skilled Worker Class

• The most significant part of the assessment would be applicant’s proficiency in either English or French. Maximum marks would be allotted to this area only.
• Canadian Experience would be preferred
• Young immigrants will be preferred. In fact an immigrant 45 years of age would get no points for this area.
• Degrees earned at an international university will be verified against Canadian standards.

Improvements in Canadian Working Class

• Instead of 24 months of Canadian working experience, if an applicant has 12 months of the same experience he would be eligible for applying.

Experts have appreciated the amendments and they say, “The current point system was not construction trades friendly, the government has made adjustment.”

People are appreciating the fact that Immigration Minister had announced that the government will make changes and he came up with the proposal in few months’ time from then.

With these changes, the employers are relieved that their crisis of labor will be solved in no time.