Immigration rules reformed in US for the better halves of those holding H-1B Visa

US look forward to attracting highly skilled spouses of those immigrants who hold H-1B visa in the country.

The announcement about the changes

Deputy Secretary of Homeland security, Alejandro Mayorkas and Commerce Secretary made the announcement on behalf of the Government. They said that the changes are likely to attract highly skilled immigrants and eve their spouses, later they will be retained back in the country.

The immigrants would basically belong to science and technology background and would prove to be a big help in strengthening the economy of the country.

They also said that such immigrants have always played a major role in innovating the nation’s economy.

The new rules will be applicable for H-1B visa holders only as they are already in the process of obtaining Permanent residency status in the country.

The bottlenecks
Immigrants belonging to the background of science and technology or an equivalent field mainly are from countries like India, china and even Philippines, come here on H-1B Visa. The present law does not allow their spouses to work in spite of them being equally competent.

Inviting comments/suggestions
The Government would wait to receive critics or suggestions from various bodies and individuals after proposing the changes. And thereafter the same would be converted into final regulations.
This regulation would be introduced by the end of 2014.

Appreciation and criticism
People from etch world have highly appreciated the efforts, however, some immigration lawyers did not feel happy about the same.
A Democrat from California says that the policy is not a healthy concept.

Some believe that such an initiative would be another step in taking away jobs from the Native Americans. They believe that American employers would get even more chance to hire workers from outside at a lower pay than what they would have done to the natives.

The changes however, are observed as first step towards protecting the families of immigrants who are highly skilled and are contributing a deal to the economy of the nation.

The advantages
H-1B Visa holders are allowed to work here for 6 years, thereafter they can apply for green cards. For these visa holders, it may eat a period of almost 6 to 11 years to apply for Green card. With the proposed changes, their wives can take up a job during this period, for which they had to wait for as long as 11 years too.

The changes would lead benefits to as many as more than 95,000 immigrants. The changes are observed as a growth step.

With the proposed changes Government aims at retaining the skilled immigrants belonging to potential fields that could escalate the economy of the nation. Their spouses who have been equally skilled and qualified would also get a chance to contribute to the economic growth of USA and the entire set up is to ensure that both the spouses are made a permanent component of the nation. There are criticisms against the proposal but there is an appreciation as well.

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