Immigration Fraud Information: Immigrants Remain Aware

Dartmouth Business Owner Faces Immigration Fraud Charges

Workers from foreign countries especially from the third world countries come to America and Canada for getting higher paid jobs and good quality regular work. However, unfortunately, many have to keep aside their dreams and self-esteem and work at much below salary, as they somehow have to sustain in this foreign land. Business owner from Dartmouth was charged for paying less salary than on the payroll to the hired foreign workers and lying about it to the government. He is facing more than dozen charges of committing immigration fraud and harassing the destitute foreign workers.

56 Immigration Charges
Canada Border Services Agency release has stated that Hector Mantolino, the owner of Mantolino Property Services Ltd. has been found guilty in 56 different immigration frauds and has been booked under Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The main charges against him include lying to the agencies of the government about the wages he was paying to the foreign workers and forcing the workers to support him in this lie. The workers could not go against their employer, as they needed work for continuing staying in Canada.
According to the release, the wages of some workers were disgustingly low- $3.13 per hour. Total 28 foreign workers were exploited in this way.

Other Charges On Mantolino
Mantolino has also been involved in other illegal activities. He has been accused of showing existence of false businesses and providing false documents to different government agencies for getting benefits related to these businesses. Apart from exploiting the workers, he has been also accused of providing untruthful and misleading statements related to the work permits to the foreign workers who relied on him for advice.

 NYC’s Defraud Over Chinese Immigrants


Dao Fen Lin from New York City has been charged guilty for defrauding innumerable Chinese immigrants. He exploited these innocent aspiring immigrants under the guise of helping them with their paperwork. In reality, Lin never filed any immigration papers for these people. According to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Lin accepted the food stamp and Medicaid benefits of $ 40,000 under false pretext for which he was not entitled.

Cases Against Lin
Lin has several charges against him apart from cheating the Chinese immigrants. He has been hold accused for defrauding in the first degree, providing false instrument to fill the first degree and third degree in the welfare fraud. No attorney information related to Lin’s case has been made available but according to media speculations, he is to be sentenced on September 24.

Innocent Victims Of Immigration Frauds
Lin charged a fee of $1350 per Chinese immigrant according to Vance. Lin had claimed that he would help the Chinese immigrants get lawful work authorization and residential status. However, unfortunately, the papers were never filed and the innocent Chinese immigrants were left waiting and stranded in a distressing condition. They lost the money as well as the hope of getting legal status in America.

We are concerned and WARN all those who wish to migrate to foreign countries to remain CAUTIOUS!

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