Immigration to Canada for Paramedics

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Immigrating to Canada as a Paramedics—Canada has a great demand for Paramedics and that’s something wonderful for Paramedics from different nations wanting to immigrate to Canada and work here as Paramedics.

The fact why Paramedics are in great demand in Canada is because of the increase demand for emergency medical services in Canada. No wonder, Canada immigration department CIC-Citizenship and Immigration Canada—has recently added the profession of paramedic occupation under its FSWP(Federal Skilled Worker Program).

Canada immigration and job prospects for foreign paramedics are great due to a big demand for paramedics in the nation.

Which jobs are included in Paramedic jobs?—Well, Paramedic occupations are of different levels. Workers involved in giving pre-hospital emergency medical care to the injured or those suffering from medical illnesses and taking them to medical facilities or hospitals for enabling them with further medical assistance are all paramedics.

Government departments, private ambulane services, hospitals and fire departments employ paramedics.

Different levels of paramedic occupations—

Critical Care Paramedic(CCP);

Advanced Care Paramedic(ACP); and

Primary Care Paramedic(PCP).

So, paramedic occupations are of the above stated three levels.

Following jobs are meant for paramedics

Patient assessment;

Basic airway management;

Immobilisation and traction;

Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation;

Oxygen administration via various methods;

Trauma care, including basic care of wounds.

Paramedic jobs—

Ambulance attendant;

Flight paramedics Ambulance technician

EMA(Emergency medical attendant)

Emergency medical assistant Medical assistant(paramedic)

Paramedic worker

Medical technician

Ambulance driver

Ambulance services

Advanced life support coordinator

Other specialized positions.

How to apply as a Paramedic for Canada immigration?—If you want to come to Canada and work as a Paramedic here, you need to make an application as a paramedic under Canada’s FSWP.

For this, you need a graduation degree from any recognised college, any recognised emergency medical technology or paramedical program or any hospital based program.

And a drivers license is a must for applicants who are involved in operating emergency vehicles.

Salaries for paramedics in Canada—As far as the salaries for Paramedics in Canada are concerned, the starting salary ranges around $50,000(CAD). And a starting salary is $73,000 for graduates of advanced care paramedic(or others who are graduates of specialy programs).

The salary goes up as one gains skill, competence and experience in Canada.