Immigration Body Nab Fake Consultants : No One to be Spared says US

Kinds Of Scams: There have been a lot of scams relating to this issue. People, who were eligible for immigration, many times end up being on the wrong end.

Some of these scams are:

  • Filing for a political refuge albeit the accused was never actually trialed.
  • Requested by a conjured company or using forged documents.
  • Filing for an untimely reprieve claiming that a person has immigrated in 1982.
  • Bait Of Benefits: One of the biggest baits these consultants use is of ‘some special benefits’. They claim that they have inside approach in the USCIS and for that charge a soaring fee. Moreover, they also fox innocent aliens as they convince them to signature certain unfilled forms. People unaware, sign those forms. They are filled by those fake consultants and later discover that they have been claiming for benefits that aren’t eligible for.

    Other Ways To Fox: On some occasions, the consultant may give his own address to the body and notices relating to it will be sent to his address instead. The alien will be unaware of any developments. The consultants may also choose to shut his office and simply flee. The alien gets to know ages later that has been an illegal entrant into the country and has already been ordered to leave.

    Genuine Advice: It is important to know that what an authentic and correct counsel would constitute of. There are a number of issues on which legal advices are to be given profoundly. Such as, how to fill up the form for immigrating by answering the question correctly and what may the options that an applicant have. Apart from that, advices are also given to guide you on how to conduct yourself in visa interviews and how to conduct yourself abroad.

    Precautionary Measures: You should always go to an attorney on any issue regarding immigrating. Always remember that a consultant can’t represent you in a court – but an attorney can. Consultants are not bound to keep the information exchanged confidential while attorneys do. He is the superlative and perhaps the only source to provide you legal counsel on any matter. Consultants are illegal in themselves and thus they cannot provide anything legal.

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