Immigration Audits have cost the workers loss-leading to struggling businesses

Latest audits of businesses taken by the country authorities have come up with the mixed reactions. The experts are praising it as it will bring out the real picture of the situation.

Whereas the business people are not much happy with this audit appraisals, as it is supposed to bring out all the undocumented workers hired by the employers and hence will cause them further difficulties.

Employers those who have previously employed such workers already had loads of problem for pursuing their operations as they were asked to eliminate them as they cannot legally work in the country.

As when the businesses are audited, the businesses having such workers are issued letters specifying the days to provide the authorities with the I-9 employment – eligibility forms for their working employees. These I-9 audits give the idea about the employers who have hired illegal workers at lower cost. Under this some of the business may not be fined for it as clearing that they will not break the laws in the future otherwise it will be dealt strictly.

Such restrictions may create problems as the loss work force will lead to great losses of work also; it is found that jobs done by such workers are those ones which the country people don’t want to take up.

The number of businesses audited for this purpose is growing year by year according to the stated facts. As per the records around 2,196 businesses were audited by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement more than one and half times more than its previous year that is in 2009 in which the number was 1,444.

As now the present government is keeping an eye on the employers, but during the previous government reign the illegal workers were arrested when caught hold of such things.

These audits have been a very costly affair for the those business who are into farming and grows trees, shrubs etc, as it will be expensive for them to let go cheap workers as the countrymen may not be interested doing such jobs. Now they have to arrange workers who have to overtime and have to get the work done.

An immigration lawyer of Washington, Monte Lake, says that from the humane part of immigration side these rules seems quiet strict, but now the employers should take care of the rules and regulations to avoid any legal action on their businesses.

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