Immigrating to USA through illegal Mexico route is a dangerous journey

Would be immigrants face a tough risk due to illegal immigration through US- Mexico border. This is an issue which has been posing threat to many of the immigrants in the country. They suffer from the risk of being exploited in many ways.

Cases of illegal immigration
Only a few years back, in 2010, a little more than 70 would be illegal immigrants coming from Mexico were executed. Hey were executed by gangs involved with illegal work and when these would be immigrants refused to be a part of the gang they were almost tortured.

There is hundreds of example which say that many would be immigrants perished on the way in an effort to sneak through the borders.

The porous borders
Southern borders of US are prominent source. Along with this even Mexico borders are porous too. Even the deserts have proven to be a safe haven for the illegal immigrants.

It was only in 2010 when National Immigration Institute in Mexico apprehended more than 60,000 illegal immigrants waiting to cross the border from here. It is also reported that more than 400,000 people could be crossing the border illegally. Out of this high a number more than 35% make an n effort to enter US.

It is not only the physical border but also illegal immigrants cross the countries through rivers. Many of the Central American immigrants pass through Suchiate River and move to the desired destination without reporting their presence to any official agency.

The efforts taken to combat the tissue
Partnership with neighboring nations is required to dismantle the strong base of illegal entry of immigrants.

Proposals related to amnesty should be investigated thoroughly.
Reforms are needed in the immigration rules along with strengthening the border security.

The hazardous state
The number of illegal immigrants crossing border through US has gone down by 50% yet, the number of deaths have gone up by more than 25%, between 2005 to 2009.

Sometime in 2009 as many as 400 and more dead bodies were procured along the brooders of US and Mexico.

More than 80% of the illegal immigrants try to take help from smugglers in getting them in.

Control in the number
According to a report published by Associated Press the number of people crossing Mexico en route USA has reduced by 70%.

The risk of illegal immigrants losing their lives got increased by one and a half times more in 2009 from 2004 along the borders of Arizona’s Sonoran desert. And the same risk got escalated by 17 times more than what it used to be almost a decade back.

Illegal immigrants trying to enter through Mexico and US borders have been a phenomenon since ages. With time a control has been exerted on the number of people making an illegal attempt. But, the risk of them losing lives and being exploited has gone up in the last few years.