Immigrating to New Zealand as Skilled Worker

Studies reveal that New Zealand has a shortage of skilled workers and this shortage is filled only by the Immigrants. But, an applicant must ensure to look into the data and find out if the shortage is temporary and the demand is permanent.

Listing of Jobs and occupations

• There are some vacancies and skills which are listed on a Canterbury Skill Shortage List (CSSL); here if an applicant puts in application, he will be eligible for “Temporary Visa”.
• If the occupation is listed with Long Term Skill Shortage List then, it the applicant may apply for “Residency Status” too. Highly skilled occupations are listed here. If embody keeps working under this occupation for two years in the country and his base salary is at least NZ45,000 then he may get a “work visa” too. In fact an applicant making his requests under this category and holding offer of employment, huge work experience in the relevant field along with required qualifications will get bonus points when the application is rated.
• If the occupation is listed with Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL) then an applicant will get a visa to join the country on a temporary basis.

In the absence of job or occupation being listed

If the natives of the country are not available from taking up a job and it is not listed, then the employer gets privilege of bringing in Immigrants to meet up the job requirement. Such kind of jobs is mainly “low skilled ones”.

When would you consider an occupation to be a “Skilled one?”

When an occupation demands high skills, there is a shortage of employees for the same and the demand is an on-going one, then such a job is deemed to be fit from becoming a skilled one.
Requirements of getting a skilled worker Visa
The applicant should have
• Required qualification
• Required experience
• Sound health
• Strong character
• No criminal record
• And have the right intention and visa for entering the nation.

However, if you are Australian citizen or you are entering the country for business negotiations or for a sales trip for a short term or for any official purpose then you would not require to hold a visa.

Skilled workers are most required in this country, but, the entry is made easy for those who meet all the criteria and are genuine in approach.

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