Immigrating to Canada through Labour Market opinion

Someone wiling to immigrate to Canada through Labor Market opinion needs to look into certain aspects.

There are number of criteria to be met by both the applicant and the issuer for being eligible to hire or enter through this category.

Requirement for an employer
An employer needs to apply for Labor Market Opinion before he hires a foreign worker. Even to hire a large number of workers he needs to get an LMO. This is to assure that there is a need to hire foreign workers and the vacancies could not get filled by the Canadians, hence, the foreign workers are required to get hired.
While filling up the application form, the employer can leave the information space regarding foreign worker blank as it can be filled only after someone is hired.

After being filled up, the form needs to get submitted at Service Canada Center.
After your pre-approval request is kept up to, only then can you start recruiting foreign workers.

Once the foreign worker is recruited by an employer in Canada, positive LMOs are issued to them so that start the further process of making application.

Benefits for an applicant
An employee who is a foreign worker can calculate his employer in Canada to receive a positive or negative LMO, 12 weeks after the application is made. Once he gets the positive LMO, the foreign worker can use it for getting a visa, which would be available at either at the nearest border or you can also get it by post.

The brighter side
It actually saves a lot of time for the employer and also for the foreign worker, as the employer can fill up the vacancy faster. For the foreign worker things become easier as he knows that he need not hunt for a job after coming to Canada, because this process allows him to get a work permit for as long as three years.

The associated risk
There can be employers who might not be able to meet all the requirements and even an applicant might fail to meet up all the criteria. LMOs are generally given according to the demand of a professions, a foreign worker who came here on a given vacancy may find himself out of job after the tenure of work permit gets over.
An employee coming from foreign land solely needs to depend on the employer for gathering various kinds of information which could be right or wrong.

Getting into Canada could be both easy and difficult at the same time. There are people who get through, but find it difficult manage a job after landing up. However, with LMO things seem to be brighter because you are sure of getting a job for yourself, however, an employer is free to recruit you or discard you depending on his requirement. Hence, one needs to look into all pros and cons before using LMO as an option to enter Canada.

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