Immigrants who entered even illegally would get professional license: California assures

California assures the illegal immigrants that they would get professional license in spite of them having entered the country illegally.

These individuals may not hold a Social Security Number but are likely to get a license which would prove that they are legal entities here.

Introducing the bill

A new Bill is likely to get introduced which would give license to illegal immigrants belonging to various professions like doctors, nurses, barbers, dentist and many more.

Any immigrant who entered the country illegally and did not follow the laws stated by the federal government will be considered for this option.

Reason behind consideration
There are cases when immigrants holding a medical degree from a reputed university and are yet termed to be “illegally present” in the country.

However, experts opine that such individuals never had a role in their illegal entry to California. They were smuggled in either by their parents, when they were children, or they were brought through their relatives. Therefore they are not at fault and hence they should not be penalized.

One such immigrant says, “Removing the barriers in availing a professional license will help reaching these immigrants reach the full potential.”

A data shows that there are about 1.85 million illegal immigrants working in California in spite of being present as illegal entities.

The objections made
Legal immigration Political Action Committee President says, the step is insane; by giving license to these illegal immigrants the federal laws are violated.

There is a proposal from a Senator that even pharmacists and psychologists should also be given licenses so that they work lawfully in California.

The effect
When an American comes to know that an illegal immigrant would be getting a license to work, then the first thing that bothers him is job security. And this causes an outrage. This has been an issue which led to the ouster of Governor of California, Gary Davis from the office.

Even in the past also, Americans who posted an objection against such decision, finally believed that it is always better to make these immigrants a part of work force so that they can work lawfully, and be on the same platform as the other Californian’s or Americans.

The need of immigrants
There was a time when US needed immigrants and hence experts also believe that this could be observed as an opportunity.

Therefore the suggestions is not only to give them driver’s license but also licenses to work. And this becomes all the more important when every restaurant of New York has a Mexican and the construction industry is filled with them as well.

Illegal Immigrants are not observed to be at fault specially those who were brought here by their parents even though it was an illegal ct. Now that they have stayed here, grown up and have acquired professional degrees like any other legal citizen of the country, they probably deserve a professional license too.

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