Immigrants to the UK must learn English

This has been stated by Sajid Javid, UK’s first Asian Secretary of State.

Migrants must learn to be British—If you aspire to immigrate to the UK, then you need to learn English and also to be British. At least that’s what UK Culture minister Sajid Javid has to say about immigrants into the UK.

UK immigrants must be ready to learn English and should learn to be British.

The British way of life must be respected by the immigrants coming into the UK, the culture minister maintained. He further quipped people want the UK to have greater control over its borders and there is nothing wrong in this.

Immigrants must contribute to UK economy—Immigrants coming into the UK to work here should make valuable contribution to the UK economy. And contribution includes respecting the British way of life, learning English among other things, he affirmed. Immigrants who happen to be well-established in Britain must have more responsibility for integration with the UK society.

There are numerous immigrants who have been in the UK for more than 50 years or so, said the minister. And they are still unable to speak English, he stated. Hence, its quite justified for the UK people to expect from the immigrants wanting to settle in the UK and making it their home to learn the language of the nation. And its also reasonable for the Britons to expect from the immigrants to respect UK laws and UK culture, he clarified.

Current UK English language requirements—As per the current UK immigration rules, applicants for UK citizenship need to furnish proof of their skills in English language unless than they have any long-term medical condition preventing them from doing so or are aged above 65 years.

Non EU citizens wishing to settle down in the UK need to clear the UK English language tests.

But, the harrowing thing is that the process was misused by some seelign fake certificates of English language for £500. The issue of concern in this regard is that many might have gained UK citizenship allowing them to get access to UK benefits.

Meanwhile, for EU migrants, there is no rule of having fluency in English language. Also, they are free to choose to move to the UK for workign here whever they like.