Immigrants receive less of job opportunities than the Canadian-born


Canadian born would be exposed to more opportunities in terms of jobs in compared to an immigrant counterpart; this has been revealed by a study made by Statistics Canada, very recently.

The comparison of the employment rates

When the employment rate between Canadian born and immigrants was studied, it was revealed that almost 75% of the Immigrants in the age range of 25 to 54 were employed.

Amongst the same age group born in Canada this rate was almost 83%. This clearly indicates a difference of about 8% between the two groups of people.

When compared with the employment rate of immigrants, it is still down by almost 2% than what it is used to be in 2008.

Almost 64% of the immigrants who have been in Canada for the last five years hold a job whereas this rate is nearly 89% for those immigrants staying in Canada for the last ten years or more.

The difference in the earnings
Statistics Canada also studied the trend of earnings between the two said groups. And it was observed that an immigrant makes less earning than a Canadian born in spite of holding equal or even more educational qualification and work experience.

Although some experts opine that the difference is due to the country the immigrants originate from. They say that the skills earned on a given country cannot be transferred to the country an immigrant is coming to. They need to stay back and gain enough experience and skill to come to the earning level of the natives of Canada.

Differences in employment rate on the basis of region
Immigrants belonging to British Columbia and Prairies showed a strong rate of employment. Alberta is one province where the employment rate of immigrants is even higher than their Canadian born counterparts, even though the difference is only by not more than a present.

However, Quebec does not show an encouraging trend in this regard and merely 70% of the immigrants are reported to be employed.

Difference in employment rates based on gender
Immigrant Women too do not reveal a heartening story about employment rate. Nearly 80% of the Canadian born women are found to employ whereas, only 69% of the immigrant’s women could manage a job for themselves.

Philippines women show a high employment rate whereas those hailing from Asia lag behind their other counterparts, by not showing a good percentage of employment.

The stories of immigrants being treated and paid differently are quite common in Canada. The differences could be due to lack of transformation of educational qualification and work experiment held by an immigrant in his native country to Canada.

Employers too take advantage of the situation by paying less to an immigrant than what he does to a native of the country. No matter what the reasons are, the truth about the immigrant employment is quite discouraging, for the way they are paid and not being reciprocated about their skills and ability.