Immigrants helped by Consultants to reach the right employers

Consultants are reported of playing a major role in helping the immigrants reach the right employers.

The kind of help
Very many online advertisements are observed which offer a considerably high number of LMO jobs and they are looking for temper foreign workers for being absorbed into these jobs.

The consultants have ensiled the employers ready to offer LMO which turns out to be as high as 50,000. They also have a complete list of vacancies across various industries too.

The process to be followed by employers
An employer in Canada should first open the vacancy for the Canadians by placing an advertisement on job sites of federal government. And then only can they offer the same to the foreign workers.

Once they satisfy this requirement they can start looking for workers who can be from any part of the world.

Tightened rules for consultants
Jason Kenney, Employment Minister informs that immigration department has come up with new rules to ensure that consultants don’t play a fast and offer the job to foreign national before the locals of Canada get to know about the same.

Advantage of going through Consultants
The Consultants can be of help in following ways:
• They help the employers to meet all the requirements and process the paper work methodically.
• They are committed to locate qualified and hardworking foreign workers for the employers.
• The association between the employer and employee could be for a long term because they prefer those candidates who can stick to a job.
• They have a wide range of access to employees from all parts of the world. They can verify the details and background of a foreign applicant without taking too much of a time.
• They can pool in loyal foreign workers who may prove to be friendly, adaptable and honest.
• They have all the resources to organize live interviews through video conferencing.
• They can manage to get workers who are apt for a vacancy; rather they may find an overqualified individual too.
• They ensure that an employer in Canada gets the right kind of employee at the right time. This means that the vacancies do not keep lying if an employer is listed with an authorized consultant.
• They offer one pint solution by looking for workers, processing the papers, conducting interviews and settling down the negotiation part as well.
• They have access to workers belonging to various skills, experience and trades which generally becomes difficult for the employer.
• On behalf of employees they negotiate with the employers in Canada. So that the employee gets the maximum possible benefit.
• They ensure that under no circumstances the rights of the employees are ruined at least when they join a job in Canada.

While approaching a consultant one must certainly keep in mind that he or she is an authorized one. Things can go easy when one reaches the right consultant with wide variety of expertise. They basically facilitate the process of looking for a foreign employee and reaching the right employer on a foreign land.