Immigrants enter the United States through sham divorces

Immigrants do perform sham marriages to get an entry into the country, and there have been a large number of cases reported about this issue. There are a considerably high number of cases when sham divorces are performed so that a certain group of people could become eligible to enter the country.

The people who adopt this method

The adult children of immigrants who have become the citizens of US are not allowed to enter United States through their parent’s status if they are married. However, those who remain unmarried or bear the status of single at the time of making an application face little difficulty in making a passage through to enter the country.

And it is mostly such people who are married at their own country, have a spouse, and may be a family too; apply for divorce so that they become legally eligible to get into US. However, it has been observed that the divorce case field by them is not a “true one”.

Various ways of getting rid of marital status
• People are seen to be filing divorce case in the court, with the help of which they can prove that the marriage does not exist anymore and they have become single once again. Here they get a legal document which is a strong proof to show the immigration officials that the applicant can apply using his or her parent’s citizenship status.
• Another possibility is that they get married and within a very short period of time they get the same annulled too.

Reason behind choosing Canada as immigration location
Federal Government maintains certain laws that give preference to ethnic minorities and women over others for getting an employment.
The law of the country allows the concept of Heritage Language Program if there are enough requests placed from people belonging to a particular country.

The room left in the law
The law is learnt to be allowing unmarried adult children of an alien to come to the country if the parent is a green card holder or a citizen of the nation.

The law is prescribed for making things convenient for many immigrants, but, there are people taking advantage of the same and hence they enter into divorce only for the sake of convenience.
This is an absolute case of law breaker where divorce is not genuine at all.

There are examples of people who applied with married status but, when denied a visa, got divorced and applied once again with “new single status”.

The consequences when caught
Every application is recorded by Immigration Department. When they learn that an applicant has attempted to misuse the law, they deal with such cases quite strictly. It would not be surprising to hear that anyone who has entered the country could bear a high risk of being deported too.

Misusing the law is not tolerated by any country, therefore, US is also reported to be dealing with any such case quite strictly.