Immigrants with Canadian Experience to apply for FSWP

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is considered to be a major economic immigration program in the country. This is also regarded as “points system”.

According to some sources, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), has implemented a “two step process” for the aspiring immigrants who hold a good potential to enter the nation.

The proposals

Federal Skilled Worker Program always demanded the applicant or temporary workers to qualify the language and “Canadian Experience test” to obtain “permanent residency status”.

The program also prefers young immigrants so that the workforce is able to mingle and integrate with Canadian society sooner than later.

According to a report, immigrants are now chosen on the basis of their country of origin, race and religion.

This is unfair according to potential immigrants who hold a better qualification and experience than many who are preferred by the Department.

The fallacy

Giving preference to “Canadian experience” is an outright example of “racism” according to many. The global scenarios emphasizes on the fact that no one should be preferred only on the basis of race or realign and taking such a step by CIC is an absolute non-compliance to the global move of combating racism.

The consequences

Many of the hiring agencies and employers in Canada have stopped giving preference to immigrant applicants who hold “Canadian Experience”. Taking such steps by Immigration Department of the nation send string signals that Canada is devaluing the concept of “globalized world”.

Devaluing a person who is qualified enough and hold an international work experience is not only demeaning the immigrant but also a loss to the country’s economy.

The agitations

Ontario office of the fairness Commissioner has raised concerns over the issue and fears that the change will only validate discriminatory practices. They also feel that employers will violet human rights code. This change will lead to major setback to the newcomers in the country.

There is every possibility that employers will get encouragement to hire labors on temporary basis to meet their shortages and once the job is done, these immigrant workers will be devoid of their basic rights. This concept is largely a violation of the concept of “globalized world “ and also contradictory to human rights laws.