Immigrants in Canada face severe racism

The prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to the members of other races is nothing new for this world but with the beginning of French revolution concept of equality, liberty and fraternity and spirit of brotherhood and with globalization petty conception of racism has lost its strength in last few decades.

Racism in the country
Racism in Canada is not very new; it has been in full strength since a century ago. White people especially of British origin were given important place in society. It is true that racism lost its strength which it had earlier but this cannot be denied that it racism still persists and immigrants living in Canada faces this kind of discrimination now and then. Several reports have come out in recent past that immigrants are being targeted.

The kind of issues Immigrants face
Abusive language, irrational behavior on immigrants is common phenomenon. This is true that racism is actually a psychological phenomenon.

The aim of immigrants coming to Canada
Immigrants generally leave their country and move to developed countries like Canada because they want to have a good future and they could avail opportunities to lead a better life by utilizing the same.

Thought process of the natives
Some Canadian believe that they had easy past and the concept of multiculturalism wasn’t complicated as it is now and at present it is time for them to give immigrants equality with integration ,tolerance and assimilation which would be practically hard due to certain policies and mind set of Canadians. This is why racism is still prevalent in Canada. Some are of the view that Canadian social structures not only affirm white individual racist opinions, but protect white individuals and they never got any punishment for such malicious act. Canadian isn’t afraid of the consequences as the law implementer doesn’t do their job. Even in political dialogues racist impression is there which raises questions to the political establishment and justice system as well.

Willingness to bring a change
There are few people who seriously want to change the racist mind set of Canadian population who believes in racism ideology which is condemnable in nature. Liberal Canadian citizens appreciate the multiculturalism and also see the challenges coming with diversified ethnic communities in cities of Canada. It’s very important that there should be interaction between the diversified ethnic community’s .By interaction, level of understanding, tolerance and assimilation will be possible. It’s a fact that harmony in multicultural country is a big challenge but it doesn’t mean that harmony is not possible; it is possible when people understand and give respect to pluralism and beyond that respect human identity and appreciate it.

It is also true that there is sense of insecurity among the Canadian regarding the inflow of immigrants in Canada but this is also true that it is regulated and this insecurity shouldn’t be there in the mind of Canadians .Government of Canada should take active decision so that the human right of every human residing in Canada is secured.