Immigrant eligibility for healthcare programs in US

However, first of all, let us see various programs or options of public health insurance in New York.

When making application for public health insurance in New York, any immigrant needs to furnish proof of his or her immigration status through certain vital documents.


Different options of Public Health Insurance in New York—

Public Health Insurance—Public health insurance programs in New York include Medicaid, Child Health Plus, and Family Health Plus.

These are low-cost or totally free and have different eligibility requirements depending on the immigration status, income, assets and certain other factors.

• Medicaid Buy in Program for working people with disabilities—This program caters to working people having income exceeding permissible limits for any regular Medicaid.

• Family Planning Benefit Program—This program offers services of family planning to males and females of child bearing age.

• Children-Child Health Plus or other coverage is available for children aged before 19 years irrespective of their immigration status.

• Adults 65 years or older—They can get health care coverage under Medicare.

• Adults aged 19 to 64—Family Health Plus or Medicaid is for those with limited income.

• Pregnant women—Those having limited income irrespective of their US immigration status are eligible for getting Prenatal Care Services under Medicaid.

• Medicaid Surplus Income Program—It provides Medicaid coverage to those with net income(monthly) above the regular limits of Medicaid income and meeting other Medicaid eligibility criteria.

Following categories of immigrants can get Medicaid coverage for emergency medical conditions subject to fulfillment of other eligibility conditions of Medicaid—

A. Temporary Non Immigrants—Including foreign students, visitors for business or pleasure, temporary workers, crewmen on shore leave, members of foreign government representatives on official business, Treaty traders and investors, personnel of international organizations, Athletes and entertainers, Cultural exchange visitors, religious workers, exchanger visitors and foreign press members.

Documents needed—

• I-94, Arrival/Departure Record

• I-186, Mexican Border Crossing Card

• I-185, Canadian Border Crossing Card

• 1-95A, Crewmen’s landing permit

• I-444, Mexican Border Visitor’s Permit

B. Special Non Immigrants—Certain special non-immigrants falling under K, S, T, U and V visa categories are PRUCOL(Persons who are Permanently Residing Under Color of Law) and hence get eligible for receiving Medicaid/CHPlus A, Holus.

Documents required—

• I-94 codes K3, K4, U, S, T, V1, V2 or V3

• Postal Return Receipt addressed to the USCIS or any copy of cancelled check to USCIS along with a copy of documents enclosed to USCIS or

• Any correspondence with USCIS proving person is staying in the US with permission and knowledge of USCIS and the agency does not want his or her departure from US.

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