Illegal Immigration Continues Inspite Of Various Measures Taken By U.S.

Illegal Immigration: Illegal immigration is crossing the borders of a Nation in violation of the laws existing in that country. It creates many social, political and economic problems. Staying beyond the termination date of visa, in violation of the law amounts to illegal immigration. This is applicable for non-citizens of the U.S.
Statistics reveal that 15% of total international migrants are illegal immigrants. Every year millions of undocumented Mexicans cross the border into the U.S. leaving behind their homes and family members. Illegal immigrants also hail from El Salvada, Columbia and other central and South American countries. Presently about 10 million of illegal immigrants live in U.S.

Purpose of Illegal Immigration: The purpose of illegal immigration is moving for search of money, sheltered upliftment of standard of living. There are people who have no fear of going to jail. They are either extremely poor or suffering from ailments. Sending to prison makes their livelihood easier and treatment easier. Such offenders make repeated attempts. Many of them go back home to try to immigrate again on the very next day.

Measures Taken By U.S.: The us. Govt. Has adopted “Operation Streamline “a “zero tolerance” border enforcement strategy in 2005 in order to check illegal immigration. Initially the offenders are sent to jail. Next they have to face trial then they have to face trial. Then they are left with criminal records. Repeatation of such crime makes their imprisonment lengthier.

Operation Streamline: “Operation streamline ‘’ is currently enforced in six border sectors. El Paso is one of them. The U.S. Govt.spends more or less 320 million dollars per year on the Operation Streamline. .

Other Measures Taken By U.S.: Apart from Operation Streamline the U.S. Govt. has taken other measures. Political groups like “Americans for legal immigration” have been formed to fight against illegal immigration.

Present Rate Of Immigration: The aim of illegal immigrants is to become citizens of Canada. Canadian immigration policies are still evolving. The rate of illegal immigration is decreasing with time due to betterment of economic conditions in Mexico and other countries. The rate has slowed down in recent years. Still illegal immigration is continuing in the United States of America till date despite of all measures taken by the U.S.