IICRC to take care of immigration regulation in Canada

There are a variety of immigration consultants in the country of Canada who conducts their work in an illegal way. The IICRC have taken a visionary decision in this regard to crack down on the immigration consultants who do not abide law. The proponent of this important decision is Jason Kenney who takes care of several departments like immigration, citizenship and multiculturism to name a few.


Jasson Kenney is one of the key personalities who has brought this idea into the fray and the idea has got royal assent recently. Once this particular law is enforced, the immigration activists who work on an illegal basis would not be spared for their activities. Only the consultants who possess the stamp of the law can work freely without any hassle in this regard. If an extensive look is taken in this regard, it is seen that there are numerous illegal activists present in the country of Canada.


As per the act which is being enforced in the market, it certainly makes the ground of the immigration consultants who works in a legal way quite strong. These consultants have always emphasized upon more government introspection on the immigration system to make it healthier. As there are various immigration consultants who follow a crooked way of operation, it is quite important to stop them immediately.  The entire immigration system is undermined by their unfair activities which brings a real bad name to it. 


The immigration system of the country needs a proper overhaul and the new system certainly has the capability to change everything. Previously the compensation fee which had to be paid for getting caught by engaging in the activities of an illegal immigration agent was 50,000$. But now the fee has been straightaway hiked to 100,000 $.


  It is normally seen that the illegal consultants take the money early from the victims and disappears under the most suspicious circumstances.  The entire legal parameters have been planned by the government to provide the citizens of Canada with the much needed security.  It will certainly add more fuel to the system and provide the immigration laws with a new lease of life.