Friday June 15 2012

IELTS and British Council focus on Word Power

The Malaysian section of the British Council IELTS Word Power game application is now available for download. You can download it free from the council’s portal, Facebook and its office in the Malaysian capital. It was stated by the Deputy Country Examination Manager of the British Council MalaysiaDeep Adhikari a day ago.

More Provisions – In further provisions, a workstation has been placed in the Kuala Lumpur office where people can download the app into their tab & Android too. “Plus, we are we want to make it iTune compatible,” added Adhikari. He believes that the IELTS Word Power game would be helpful in improving the vocabulary of an aspirant. These efforts by the officials are believed to be of great help considering the usage of tech brought in.

The Prestigious Test – The prestigious test is certified as the world’s leading English language test intended to assess aptitude of communication in English for education, immigration and professional certification internationally. “If any student wants to appear in the test or have registered themselves by now, they can download the game and improve your vocabulary by using this interactive gaming module. It is undoubtedly of immense help in a novel and exciting style,” cited Deep Adhikari.

Difficulty Levels – The manager affirmed that the difficulty levels of the whole app have been decided amongst bands five and six of the measuring system of the IELTS. “All those who have aptitude level, which is greater than that will find the game a bit easy to deal with. However, a good part of our aspirants are at that level,” he assereted. Adhikari futher went on to say that the game was appreciated and a lot of people found it extremely fascinating.

Current Situation – Currently, we only have some hundred odd users as it isn’t promoted that much as of now. We wanted to be confident that it is the right application so we waited for some user feedback,” he said. Adhikari believes that users’ feedback was needed in the earliest phase of the opening of the game by the British Council and since we are now through it, they would support the game at a wider extent to get added users which is supposedly the next phase of the game’s promotion agenda.



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