ICE knocking at the door? You can deal them lawfully

When you suddenly see an official from Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) knocking at your doorstep then don’t get panicked. They go to an immigrant when they find their stay to be illegal in the country.

The authority of ICE
Once the detainer is in the inmate the ICE would be getting not more than 48 hours to pick up the inmate. However, the inmate’s purpose of being in country should be over and then the action can begin.
After the deadline of 48 hours has crossed even ICE would need to seek help of an attorney to throw the inmate out of the country.

Ways to deal with ICE
• When you surmise an official from ICE visiting your home, beforehand you must put a hotel lock and don’t let him in. it would not be considered illegal.
• You have every right to ask for the warrant issued in your name to be sure about their visit and the case that has been built up against you. For this you can always ask the officer to slide the warrant under the door or the lock.
• Go through the warrant carefully and without getting perturbed.
• Investigate on the spot if the warrant holds a signature of a judge or may be a magistrate.
• The warrant would let you know if the judge or the magistrate has issued orders to arrest a person or to inspect the place.
• After being sure, if you allow them to enter the house, you must see to it that they stick to the orders written in the warrant. They bear no right to go beyond the instructions coming from the signing authority.
• Make a note that if ICE carries an administrative warrants then you can allow them to enter only if you want to. They will have to seek your permission before entering your house.
• If they put any question which asks for a lawful argument then avoid answering them at all.
• You can always tell them that you would speak to your attorney and then answer to their queries.
• Never make the mistake of signing any document even if you are too sure about it.

The important precautions you need to take
You must always be ready with the number of an attorney who deals with such issues, so that when you have a sudden visit of ICE, you can call up this person. You an always request your attorney to come to the spot and help you deal with ICE.

If the case is proved against you, then you would not only have to leave USA but will not be allowed to enter the country for another 10 years. Under such circumstances, you must make it a point to know the law, hire an attorney if your surmise any such act from ICE and deal with the whole issue with a cold mind. Getting panicky is not an answer to the situation, provided you are not caught at wrong foot.

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