How to Register A Case of Misconduct Against Immigration Officer In The Embassy

A case cannot be filed against any simple issue or cause, of either rejecting the visa or not approving an applicant’s application. However, in cases of serious misconduct or misbehavior, a person can file a complaint or send a letter of complaint to the counsel general or to the ambassador. This will be further in process and the counsel section will look into the matter.

Immigration officers have much responsibility on their shoulders and are known to possess many powers and responsibilities. Due to their approval in the processing of visas, they have full discretion to use their powers and indefinite opinions. As such, they are answerable to only the Secretary of the State and the president.

They know information about the processing of visas, tourist applications, customs and are in a position to make judgment calls. In that position, it is fairly unlikely that they will behave in an improper way and with a misconduct behavior. However, if that issue of misconduct behavior really happens, one can file a complaint against them and their behavior to bring it to notice.

In the first stage of the misconduct, the person should try to resolve the misconduct himself or herself, failing which one may be able to file a report or a complaint online or through an email to the office. One can also call the Office of Inspector General to file a complaint.

The process of filing a complaint through mail or whoever so is simple and it requires thorough information on the misconduct. The detailed information includes the date of the occurrence, place of the incident, time of meeting the immigrant officer and other details. Though the complaint is not bound to change the outcome of the case of the applicant, it is sure to bring the officer to book and his actions could also be affected.

In cases of fraud, waste, mismanagement, abuse or misconduct by any immigrant officer, the complaints can be filed.

It is to be known that just rejecting a visa or rejecting an applicant does not include in the misconduct or any of the reasons for which a complaint can be filed. A proper misconduct or an abuse is what qualifies to be a proper cause for filing a complaint or to make a case against an immigrant officer.