How Long Do You Wait For Immigration Visa As Per Visa Categories

Moreover, it also exhibits the accumulation within years for all those applications. In short the time increases when there are more applicants as compare to the number of visas in a year.

It cannot be depicted that how much time an individual would take while acquiring the visa. This is due to the reason that every case within immigrant visa is different and varies from other individual cases so estimating that how long time it would take this is very difficult to answer especially for any specific individual case. Basically the dispensation time required depends upon three factors in providing a visa.

  • While sanctioning the immigrant visa the first preference is given to the unmarried person and the adult daughters or sons of the United States citizen here by adult means 21 years of age or older than that.
  • The second preference in first category is provided to the unmarried children of enduring residents who are below the age of 21 and the spouses of the green card holders. In second category of second preference it is provided to the unmarried adult daughters and sons of enduring residents.
  • The third preference is given to the Married sons and daughters of any age group of United Sates citizens.
  • And the fourth preference is offered to the adult United Sates citizen’s brothers and sisters. <.li>

In addition to this the time needed towards processing all the way through National Visa Center and the Consulate is that if once the approval is granted on a petition moreover if it belongs to an instant relative category or possess an existing priority date. Under such case it depends upon that how much time they go to take for fixing an interview appointment.

This is the duty of the applicant to pursue the instructions availed from the National visa center and submits the entire relevant document on time asked by them and very soon the appointment would go to be planned by them. The appointment date is generally offered just after the month after submitting all the documents and at last the visa is provided within few days. But there are some categories under which visa are issued to a restricted number of people every year.