How to get a replacement Canada visa

Here is all the information provided for getting a replacement Canada visa.

Lost your passport, visa?—If you have recently lost your passport along with your Canada or US visa, you don’t need to panic.

You must report the loss of your passport and your US visa(or Canada visa, as the case may be)to any nearest police station.

For this, you need to provide the details of the last time you possessed your passport, the place where you lost your passport or the place where you had kept your passport before it got lost.

Visit PICA—The next step in this regard is to make a visit to the PICA(Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency). This is needed to inform about the loss of your passport(or theft). You will be asked to provide various particulars of the passport lost by you in a prescribed form.

The PICA officials will see to it whether your passport has been found and delivered to their office or not. If not, then you will be provided with a letter to be handed over to the police officials to begin a probe for loss of your passport.

You can apply for a new passport after a police report or a statement of investigation has been delivered by the police.

Remember, the process is likely to involve around three or four months in case you lost a machine-readable passport.

On getting a replaced passport—Once you are in possession of a replaced passport, you will require a police report copy for submitting a fresh temporary resident visa application at the Canadian High Commission visa consulate.

Eligibility verification process will be the same as earlier for getting the nod of the immigration official.

Take care to provide various details (complete and accurate) in the application form for Canada temporary resident visa duly signed (dated as well) along with various necessary documents along the form. And make sure to provide an updated document of invitation clearly mentioning the reason of your visit and the duration of your total stay in Canada.

And don’t forget to complete all the required information in the replacement-of-immigration document with regard to loss or theft of passport and visa.