How to choose an immigration consultant

The process of immigration requires lots of paperwork and several other formalities. Hence, it is quite obvious to feel overwhelmed while doing so. A good option for prospective applicants thinking of immigration to Canada or any other country is to hire the services of immigrant consultants or immigrant attorneys to manage the whole process.

But, if you think you can handle all the things for the immigration process by yourself, then, you are not a suitable candidate for choosing an immigration lawyer.

Do you know there are quite a few fairly sound reasons to hire the services of an immigration attorney to ease the path for your immigration to any country? Hiring the services of any immigration consultant becomes all the more advisable if there is any legal complication posing a hurdle in the way of your immigration or you don’t have sufficient time or determination to complete the procedure for immigration.

A. Steps before Hiring an Immigration Consultant—-

If you feel the need to hire an immigration attorney to handle your immigration case, then you need to keep in mind the following useful tips ——

1. Seek references—It’s always good to ask for recommendations from your family, friends or people whom you trust. Have a 

dialogue with numerous immigration consultants before finally hiring one.

2. Ask about their qualifications and experience—Another point worth remembering is to know whether the immigration advisor is 
authorized or not. If yes, find out his work experience as an immigration consultant. 

3. Services and fee—You must know about the services to be provided and the fee to be charged by any immigration advisor and you must get all this information in writing to avoid any complication later on.

4. Ask queries—Don’t hesitate to ask queries and clear your doubts about the immigration lawyer. 

B. Steps after Hiring an Immigration Consultant—-

1. Get a contract in writing and read all the information on it before proceeding to sign the document. See various services mentioned and the fee to be charged for such services. 

2. Don’t sign any blank application forms.

3. Ask for a receipt for any payments made by you.

4. Never leave any original documents with the immigration lawyer.

5. Always mention your immigration representative’s name and his contact information on the application form. Always notify the immigration office if and when you change your immigration advisor.