How bright are the education and employment opportunities for Immigrants coming to Canada?

Education and employment for immigrants in any country is not so easy but Canada is the place for immigrants who wish to have good education as well as good job opportunity is concerned.

Why is it convenient to have education and employment?
Canada provides great opportunity for the immigrants .Rarely any country in this world can provide such convenience for the immigrants. It won’t be incorrect if we say that Canada is the only country which allows immigrants to study in Canada with tourist visa.

Does Canadian immigration office add any value?
Immigrants who hold Canadian student visa have great benefits too as they can study and do part time job simultaneously. Though it is important to have study permit granted by Canadian immigration. Canadian Immigration have added certain valued added facilities for future Canadians by providing them extension of at least 30 days before study visa get expired so that the immigrants do not feel any kind of hassle and do their work or study smoothly.

Is Study and work hassle free?
In Canada foreign student can have hassle free education as well as the student can do job in or off campus. This can be done by very simple way and i.e. the student has to work permit. If the student have work permit then they can earn their livelihood by doing part time jobs.

What is the value of Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP)?
There is a program in Canada which is known as Post Graduation Work Permit Program under which any foreign student who wish to stay back after finishing their studies can live in Canada and search for jobs .Under this program any foreign student can extend their stay in Canada as well. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program tenure is 36 months after the completion of studies by a foreign student.

How difficult is it for the immigrants to get Canadian citizenship?
Work Experience gained under the Post Graduation Work Permit Program helps an immigrant to get the permanent residence status. Deserving student who prove themselves as an asset for the Canadian can get a hassle free Canadian citizenship. If foreign student is fluent in English and French with relevant work experience can get citizenship of Canada easily.

What is the Probability of getting a job?
In recent time it is seen that Citizen of Canada get job easily then the foreign student who are staying for five or less than five years. Gap of unemployment between Canadian and immigrants are bigger. But situation varies from place to place in Canada.

Immigrants possessing Post-Secondary degree do have better chances of getting than the ones who do not hold this degree. Federal Conservatives had tried to revamp the immigration system. Several changes have been made to filter the immigrants like matching applicants with jobs even before their arrival. And all this certainly is to streamline the process if allowing the right kind of immigrants to enter the country. But, it also poses threat to many potential immigrants.