Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa Scheme

So, people from the above stated nations can look forward to getting Hong Kong Working Holiday Visas.

Hong Kong Working Holiday Visas—Are you desirous of experiencing Hong Kong? Hong Kong working holiday visa option is the best bet for you. And the best thing is that Hong Kong has special agreements with the above stated nations due to which nationals from these nations can get Hong Kong Working Holiday visas to get an opportunity of a life time.

The program allows youngsters to gain social and cultural understanding of Hong Kong. Lets see the details of the scheme here.

Hong Kong Working Holiday Scheme offers youngsters from foreign nations to come and work while holidaying here.

Details of Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa program—following are the requirements of Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa program—

• Main aim of foreigners should be to holiday in Hong Kong

• Should be aged between 18 years and 30 years at the time of applying

• Must have sufficient funds and return ticket/onward ticket while arriving in Hong Kong

• Should be of sound health and good moral character.

Duration, annual cap for Hong Kong working holiday visa scheme—Hong Kong working holiday visa has a validity duration of a maximum of 12 months. As regards the annual cap or annual quota for Hong Kong working holiday visa scheme, Hong Kong has an annual quota for nationals hailing from every nation participating in this program.

Another fact worth mentionable in this regard is that applicants having qualifications and skill-sets(subject to other eligibility conditions) are given visas on the basis of first-come first-served basis.

Applying process for Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa scheme—To make an application for Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa program, the applicant should submit a duly completed visa application form named ID(E) 940 to be obtained.

Complete application form along with required documents supporting the application need to be submitted to the immigration office either by post or by local connection.

Important considerations—

• Applicant cannot undertake any permanent employment in Hong Kong.

• Temporary employment is allowed during the duration of the Hong Kong working holiday visa.

• Entry applications will not be considered from children/spouse wanting to join the participating applicants for Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa scheme.