High demand for skilled, qualified nurses in Quebec

Quebec is on the verge of becoming a hub of latest healthcare facilities and is experiencing a huge demand for qualified nurses.

Shortage of nurses in Quebec—Although, demand for nurses is being experienced throughout Canada, but Quebec is having a biggest demand. Quebec needs nearly 60,000 nurses by the year 2022 to fulfill the looming shortage of nurses.

According to senior recruitment specialist with PRN Staffing Solutions, Melane Mullings, rural parts in Canada are having highest number of vacant job positions for foreign nurses.

And those with experience in nursing can look forward to immigrating to Canada for working in remote regions.

It is not just urban regions of Quebec, but even the rural regions that are feeling the need for more and more skilled and qualified nurses to work as healthcare workers.

Reason behind scarcity of nurses in Quebec is increasing rate of an ageing population here.

Restrictions making situation worse—The fact that recent stricter norms for international nurses wanting to get their certifications here have added to the shortage of nurses in Canada.

Canada is going to experience shortage of around 116,000 registered nurses, says a study by Canadian Nurses Association.


Already, the nation needs nearly 78,000 certified nurses to work in Canada.


Opportunities for nurses in Quebec galore—International nurses wanting to work in Quebec can look forward to a great career. And the scene is likely to become best in the coming years thanks to completion of new super hospitals in Montreal.

So, Montreal and Quebec will become a world health destination and attract top international healthcare workers. On an average, nurses can earn a salary of anything between $28 an hour and $40 an hour.

To practice as a nurse, one must have certificate by the Ordre des infirmieres et infirmiers du Quebec.

To apply under Quebec Skilled Worker program, one must fulfill following criteria—

• Possess a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 3-year diploma or a 2year nursing degree(For US educated nurses).

The degree need to have been completed within the period of last 5 years; or

• Must have relevant degree in Nursing around five years back and should have worked as a nurse for a minimum of 1 year out of last 5 years.