Health Care program in Ontario- one of the preferred immigration destinations

Ontario is considered to be one of the most culturally diversified provinces in Canada. This is one place which is preferred by almost half of the immigrants to pick up as their homes. And the very reason for this province being so popular with immigrants is the prosperity, democracy in the society which is mainly built up by the immigrants staying here for years now and they have been working hard to build this kind of a society.

The diversification in Ontario

Ontario, the economic hub of Canada, has people hailing from almost 200 countries across the world. There are more than 120 languages spoken in this province. The opportunities available in this province are the focus of attention for many of the immigrants.

The health care system in Ontario

Ontario health Insurance Plan (OHIP) offers a universal and publicly funded health care system for the dwellers.

The health care plans are so beautifully placed that even a new comer arriving here can enjoy the same merely after he is three months old to the province.

A new comer arriving at Ontario can avail OHIP card and can start availing the benefits provided by this card only after waiting for a short period of three months. Meanwhile, for these three months one can always go for a private insurance.

Eligibility criteria for OHIP

One has to meet the following criteria for enjoying OHIP:
• One should be a permanent resident or a new comer to Canada.
• One has to be physically present in Ontario for a minimum of 153 days in any 12 months of time span.
• One has to be physically present in Ontario for a minimum of 153 days of the first 183 days after one has established his residency in Ontario.
• And Ontario should be the primary residency place for the applicant.

Kind of services covered by OHIP

OHIP covers the cost of physician’s consultation and the other insured medically necessary services provided by the physicians.

OHIP will not cover any cost met for paying the physiotherapists. Some of the dental charges are also covered by OHIP provided the dental surgery is done in hospital.

Eye Care is covered by OHIP with various terms and conditions.

Hence, a new comer reaching Ontario will be elated to hear the health care system of the province.

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