Gullible becoming victims of immigration agents

In fact, thousands of Indians have fallen prey to treacherous ghost immigration advisors in the last several years.

And the practice goes on unabated till now with no hope any respite.

Innocent allured by immigration consultants–Such ghost consultants are a threat to the integrity of the immigration process of several nations especially Canada and the UK. These immigration consultants charge hefty fee from aspiring Indians who want to explore green pastures abroad. But they are simply unaware of what lies ahead for them.

Consider, for instance, the incident involving a couple from India who wanted to immigrate to Canada to begin a new life there. But, little did they know that it was going to be a journey of woes for them. Like many aspiring immigrants, Rajwinder Kaur of Punjab and her husband Bhupinder Singh approached a travel agent in April 2009 for immigrating to Canada.

And for extending this service, the travel agent charged a fee of $25,000 and $38,000(Canadian dollars) each for Rajwinder and her hubby. They were informed that the route for flying to Canada was to be via Indonesia. However, while Bhupinder landed in jail after facing arrest in Jakarta while Rajwinder faced deportation to India. And the travel agent took no time in disappearing on knowing the fate these two Indians. They are not alone. India has a large number of innocent people who are cheated by travel agents having illegal operations in the state of Punjab and other places by promising them of sending abroad in lieu of hefty fee.

Government working to nab unscrupulous immigration consultants—No wonder, taking a cue from the growing number of such incidents in Punjab and other states, the government of Punjab has initiated steps to freeze the working of such immigration agents.

Jason Kenney, Canadian immigration minister has expressed his nation’s concern about the huge profits pocketed by greedy immigration consultants operating in Punjab by exploiting poor Punjabi youth.

He revealed that such immigration agents use fake documents including academic certificates, death and birth certificates, bank statements and IELTS scores in exchange of millions of dollars from simple aspiring immigrants from Punjab.

He has urged the government of India to introduce tougher legislations to crackdown on such immigration agents. He also promised to work collaboratively with the Punjab Police officials to nab such agents and asked victims to step forward and help in combating such practice from the root.

Share your experiences/suggestions–We would like to invite readers to share their experiences (if any) to bring the culprits to book. Readers are also invited to share their suggestions with regard to selection of immigration consultants. There will be a prize for each best entry selected every week.