A guide for UK Visas

UK Visa—

As per the latest amendments introduced in the UK immigration rules by the UK Border Agency in March 2009, the visas have been divided into five categories (5 tiers) that help the applicants gain entry into the UK on the basis of study, work or training. If you desire of getting any of these visas for UK, you must clear the assessment of new Points-Based System (PBS) of the country.

Under the Tier 4 visas, an applicant must possess a minimum of 40 points to become eligible for studying in the UK. And it is not that difficult since 30 points are gained after you receive confirmation of acceptance of study in the UK.

Talking about the remaining 10 points, one can attain these points if one is able to convince the immigration officials about his ability to support his living and his study costs in the UK. This is the basic condition required to be cleared as per the rules of the UK Border Agency. The maintenance costs include your living expenditure, the cost of your studies and any other expenditure in case you bring any dependants along with you into the UK.

No doubt, the paper work for the aspirants of UK student visa has almost doubled as compared to the paper work under the previous rules; however, the new PBS is advantageous in terms of clarity of the whole visa process.

And for the overseas students decide to continue their stay in the UK after the completion of their MBA degree in the country, they must apply for a work visa under the PBS –‘a Tier 1 Post-Study Work Visa’. For becoming eligible to apply, you must possess a minimum of 75 points as a highly skilled migrant.

The criteria of awarding points is as follows—

• A Master’s degree will award you 35 points.
• Age ( being younger will give you more points)
• Previous earnings or yearly income between £20,000 to £22,999 will give you 15 points.
• Experience- UK experience will give you 5 points
• Maintenance funds will give you 10 points( a minimum maintenance funds of £2,800 for self and additional £1,600 for any accompanying            

  dependents in the UK)
• English language ability-10 points.

We hope the above guide will help you get the right UK visa for you in the coming times.