Green Card Seekers: Benefit for some, wait for the rest

Delay in the bureaucratic process at federal immigration agency led to separation of many American citizens from their spouses and close relatives. The separation is due to delay in the process of getting them a Green card.

What led to the delay?

In 2012, the Immigration department was busy focusing on the program introduced by Obama wherein deportation was deferred for the young undocumented immigrants.

The agency was busy giving priority to the proposal sent by the president and the need of the citizens to bring along their relatives through Green card.

The officials at immigration Department are reported to be busy with handling cases of more than 11 million immigrants residing in the country illegally and ensuring that they get to stay back.

The pain for the aspirants
There are people who have been celebrating various occasions in the absence of their families, and relatives. And there is no sign of them getting united with their dear ones in near future.

The scene in the past
There was a time in the past when it was quite an easy task to obtain a Green card for the close relatives including spouse and children. And this was possible even within a period of less than six months. With time, the application backlog crossed the figure of 500,000 and the processing time started taking more than a year. All this together led to families staying separately. There are cases when people holding citizenship of USA got married in their home countries and were quite confident of their wives getting a Green Card soon. However, with the recent blow things got jeopardized.

Efforts made by the officials
To fight back the backlog and delay, the agency started processing centers at three different places. And this has helped in reducing the processing time to 10 months which had gone up to a year or more.

In order to deal with the odder passed by Obama, the agency is heard of processing even 2000 applications in a day under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

The agency was not given any extra hand for deleting with the large number of cases of illegal and undocumented immigrants. In an attempt to handle the undocumented immigrants, the normal process of Green Card application seems to be getting affected largely. And this could be in the absence of man power which was not looked into probably due to hiring difficulties.

Availing a green card is a necessity for many who want to join in their relatives rather husband or parent in USA. Introduction of DACA and such programs have actually affected the lives of innumerable people who have their kings staying away from them in some other country. The wait time for green card has gone up and ultimately the sufferers are the applicants. However, such a program has certainly given a breather too many undocumented immigrants present in USA who has been staying without any legal authorization in the country.