Great opportunity for foreign nurses to get US H-1B visas

Yes, this is the latest buzz for the foreign nurses willing to come to the US for working here.

More overseas nurses to qualify for US H-1B visas—Are you a foreign nurse seeking to immigrate to the US for working here through US H-1B visas? Well, this is the appropriate time for doing so. The USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services) has recently unveiled a new memo regarding foreign nurses wanting to get sponsorship for US H-1B visas.

US H-1B visa petition sponsorship may now be available to increased number of foreign nurses wanting to move to the US for working here.

More foreign nurses welcomed in the US –-US H-1B visa sponsorship, states the memo by the USCIS revealed on 11th July, 2014, will now expanded to an increased number of foreign nursing professionals wanting to work in the US.

This simply means the US is opening door for an increased number of foreign nurses for getting US H-1B visa sponsorship.

RN must for foreign nurses to work in the US–The only consideration is the applicant needs to be a registered nurse(RN) having a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The US requires all nurses to have a nursing license which can be obtained after completion of approved nursing program. Also, they need to clear the NCLEX(National Council Licensure Examination).

Nursing now a US H-1B specialty occupation—A welcoming news for all foreign nurses wanting to work in the US as a nursing professional will be glad to know that the USCIS has now included nursing as a US H-1B specialty occupation with only few exceptions in some cases.

Prior to this latest development by the USCIS, only a couple of foreign nurse candidates could get qualified for US H-1B visas. And this meant US Green Card opportunity only for a few ones.

No waiting period for foreign nurses, US H-1B visa option is there–As a result, foreign nurses had no other choice but to seek US Immigrant work visas after a waiting period of three years to around five years.

Thanks to the latest US H-1B visa option, foreign nurses will not have to wait for US immigrant visas. Rather, they can simple gain US H-1B visas and look forward to getting US Green Card by forwarding applications for the same after moving to the US.