Grant of more US Work permits, US Green Cards, work visas may get delayed

That’s because the US President Barack Obama hinting a rethink of this proposal.

US may delay increase in US Green Cards, US Work visas—The proposal by the US President Barack Obama to grant increased number of US Green Cards and US Work visas to immigrants may be delayed.

The US President may delay issuing more US Green Cards and US Work permits to immigrants in the US.

Speaking about the issue, Obama said everything will be dealt with in a systematic manner. Meanwhile, he esured that everything would be done to make sure that the immigration system works at its best.

Big disappointment for legal immigrants likely–This is going to cause a serious concern to many immigrants’ hopes.

The recent proposal had brought dreams and hopes for many immigrants wanting to gain US Green Cards and US Work visas. But, the US President gave a hint that he is still not sure about this proposed step that was to be introduced next month.

Its been for several years that many immigrants had been waiting to gain US Green Cards and US work permits. And a possible change in the mind of the US President is going to give a big shock to immigrants in the US for whom a ray of hope had just begun to sparkle.

Why the delay in grant of more US Green cards, work visas?—Well, its quite likely due to some pressure by Democtratic Senates that could have led to a review of the proposals announced by US President Obama.

As a result, Obama may be delaying all or some of the proposed changes until the midterm elections slated to be held in November this year.

It needs to be worth mentioned that the timing of the annoucement on US immigration changes is already an issue of debate insite the White House. While some of advisers of the US President want him to stay true to his promised proposal come what may.

That’s because Obama’s views and decisions are not going to please Republicans even if Obama delays the proposed US immigration reforms until the US elections(in November this year). Still, hopes are rife that the US President Obama will announce grant of increased US Green Cards and US Work permits.

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