Tuesday January 15 2013

Government probes into recruitment of Temporary Workers

Temporary workers pay a huge amount to recruiters for availing mining jobs

According to a report released by Canadian Press, Chinese workers wanting to get a job in British Columbia are suspected to pay a high fee for acquiring mining jobs.

A senior person expresses that the mining jobs were not advertised and no bids were taken to sight local workers. The recruiters are looking forward to hire Chinese miners.

The rising number of Chinese Immigrants in the mines

A report informs, about 200 Chinese citizens are likely to arrive British Columbia in another few weeks’ time, to work in the mines. The number of these workers may rise up to 2,000 in due course of time.

Vancouver also expects a rise in the number of Chinese miners and this could go up to 800.

Unfortunately, most of these miners are reported not to have adequate experience of working in the mines.
Jim Sinclair proposes to postpone the permits and control a full investigation on the issue of hiring Chinese miners.

According to a report, a worker from China provides as much as $12,500 to a recruiter for getting a job in the mines of Canada’s provinces.

The Investigation

Provincial Government is investigating the on-going recruitment process in the mines of various provinces.
The investigation begun with the hint of recruiters charging hefty amount from the aspiring immigrants to work in the mines.

Reports also reveal that the jobs were not advertised only to hire Chinese workers who could work at a lower wage than the locals.

Jim Sinclair inform that, “The recruiters are supposedly asking prospective Chinese miners to pay a modern day head tax.”

The Criticism

Experts have always been criticizing about the decision of Government to allow foreign workers to work in the mines of British Columbia. There is a demand to suspend the permits of temporary workers and probe a full investigation.

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training has announced that a company will have to pay a fine up to $10,000 if found to be guilty of breaching the laws.

Government has started probing into the recruitment plans and policies of British Columbia though, but the picture has to be enlarged and needs to go beyond one industry or even province. Such an investigation is needed probably in all the provinces who are hiring temporary workers from out of country.

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