Give UK jobs to Britons, not migrants-urges Work Sec

This has been revealed by Iain Duncan Smith, UK work and pensions secretary during a speech in Spain.

Give chance to young Britons—Mr. Smith has stated that businesses in the UK must give an opportunity to young and unemployed Britons for working there. Only this can save the young Brits from hopelessness and dependency, he asserted.

As many as 90 percent of the total 400,000 UK jobs have been grabbed by immigrants coming here, the official figures reveal. Hence, the UK must enforce stricter immigration controls if the nation wants to avoid losing the young Britons to hopelessness.

UK must allow immigrants with special skills—The nation must focus on allowing immigrants having specialized skills needed by the nation to come and stay in the UK, warns Mr. Smith to David Cameron.

Many times, it is seen that immigrants possessing high skills are working on low-paid jobs which could otherwise had been taken by young Briton school leavers. He cautioned Cameron from repeating the mistakes committed by the Coalition government under Labor.

UK immigration system is still being abused by many foreigners, warned Mr. Smith, despite the fact that the number of migrants from non-EU nations has been reduced considerably.

So, strict action needs to be taken for tightening the UK immigration rules for those coming to the UK on UK family settlement visas, UK work visas or UK student visas while keeping the focus on allowing only those who possess skills in high demand in the nation.

Majority of new jobs occupied by immigrants in the UK-During the reign of the Coalition, a large number of jobs in the UK were taken by foreigners before the recession engulfed the nation.

Quoting the statistics for the last year, Mr. Smith said around 50 percent of new jobs were occupied by foreigners. And he put the blame on the UK government’s lack-luster attitude towards immigration.

He added that even if the UK economy starts to move up in the coming times and creates several new jobs, the young Brits might not get an opportunity to work in the UK since UK businesses are not seeking Britons for the work opportunities.