Getting a job offer from a Canadian employer

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How to get an offer of job in Canada—It is an established fact that Canada’s employment market is upbeat and needs new workers for various job opportunities arising here from time to time. And it is also a fact that immigrants’ significance in Canada’s employment market has been well recognized by Canada employers.

The point worth notable is that foreigners wanting to come to Canada and having a job offer in Canada can look forward to an easier immigration here.

Arranged employment—Under Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP), employers wanting to hire foreign workers for a permanent job in Canada can offer an arranged employment.

And a point worth notable here is that foreigners wanting to immigrate to Canada and possessing a qualifying offer of job in Canada get a priority by Canada immigration department-CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

It has been noted that most of the applications for FSWP having prior offer of job are finalized in a span of just 11 months by the CIC.

What is meant by a qualifying job offer?—Following are the pre-essentials of a qualifying job offer—

• It needs to be a full-time, permanent and a non-seasonal job offer;

• It should be Skill Level A(professional occupations), Skill Type 0(managerial occupations) or Skill Level B(technical occupations and skilled trades) on the Canadian NOC(National Occupational Classification) list; and

• It must include wages as well as working conditions that are comparable to those being give to Canadians employed in the occupation.

Arranged Employment Opinion Must—All employers wanting to hire foreigners from overseas for working in Canada need to get an AEO (Arranged Employment Opinion). An AEO needs to be obtained by employers by making an application to HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada).

The HRSDC will, after assessing the genuineness of the job offer, issue a letter of confirmation. This AEO letter of confirmation along with a letter of a job offer will be provided to the foreign worker to be included by him or her in the immigration application.