Getting enrolled into U.S. Visa Lottery

U.S. offers “Green Cards” to many of the immigrant applicants through a long procedure, however, there is a special process known as “Visa Lottery” wherein an applicant can try his luck. The system is also known as “Green Card Lottery System”.

The specialty of the system

This system is based on luck of the applicant more than anything else. Through this system the country offers “Green Card” to almost 50,000 people. And, the most important point to be noted is that the lottery is available only for people belonging to certain countries only.

Eligible countries

The offer is available to only those countries which show a low percentage of immigration. U.S. aims at making the population of the country as diversified and cosmopolitan as possible. In fact, the countries showing a high per cent of representation in terms of migration are not allowed to participate in the lottery.

Registration Process

The process of making an application is absolutely free. One person cannot submit multiple applications; one found to be doing so will be disqualified.

While filling up the form one has to be careful about every personal information he or she provides. Married individuals also need to furnish information about their marital partners and children if they have any. Photographs are an important requirement to be furnished.

In terms of qualification one should have at least a high school certificate or degree, and an applicant has to meet the requirement on job front too.

Selection is done randomly not by any individual but by the computer, this makes hot process free of any biasness.

Preservation of certain documents

The confirmation slip one receives after submitting the application should be preserved well, because it is an important document to prove your application. This will also help you to follow up the status of your application.

Precautions to be taken

When you are filling up the form you have to be more than careful in furnishing every possible detail. You have to ensure that all the details about your date of birth, place of birth, educational qualifications, job experience, and other personal details are mentioned as accurately as possible.

Your application may get cancelled for a minor error too.

However, if you don’t get through the year you have made your application for, you can always apply till the time the program is on.

Countries not included

There are countries like Bangladesh, china, Canada, India and others who are not eligible to apply for this category as they already have more than 50,000 immigrants sending to USA.

Immigration Frauds

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Money Matters

Tue, 03/18/2014 - 15:30

When immigration Minister Chris Alexander was introducing the changes in CEC he had said that the effort is to reduce the backlog and the processing time as well. He informed that CEC allowed 25,000 people to stay and contribute to the growth of country.

The changes introduced
• The time for which applicants were required to work before applying under this category was reduced from two years to one.
• Language proficiency requirements...

CIC Announcements

Sun, 04/27/2014 - 11:13

With the introduction of new programs and new options for entering Canada, there is also a capping done on the number of applications.
The Immigration Department is getting prepared for next year when there would be modified versions of existing program s introduced such as express entry.

The capping

Starting on May 4th 2013...