Get prepared to face a grilling interview for marriage based Green card Visa

There can rarely be a denial on the fact that when you apply for a green card with the intention of getting married to a US citizen, then you need preparations beyond money and documents to clear the same successfully.

Immigration Officials want to be more than sure while passing you because of the high number of “fraud marriages” which are performed only to get a Green Card in US.

There are certain aspects mentioned below which you need to be aware of, for successfully completing your interview with Immigration officials:

Be prepared to answer about your own and your spouse’s identity: Officials sitting for your interview will ask every possible detail about you and your spouse. This is done to be sure about the fact if you know your better half or not. And this could be he details about personal care product which could be toothbrush, the wardrobe, the model of mobile phone he or she uses and many such things which may not seem to be important otherwise.

Be prepared for a tricky question: there would rarely be a straight question asked to you. They may not ask you the exact salary of your spouse, but, they will put in a “tricky” manner. For example they will ask you what would be the 10% of your spouse’s earnings. They simply, want to check if you are thorough about your spouse’s personal and professional both the lives or not.

Family details: instead of asking the name of your spouse’s mother they may ask you her age or even her food habit.

This is again to check if you are conversant with the family or not.
Pinpointing the wedding day: Be prepared and set alerts for yourself to answer the exact number of people attending your wedding or they may possibly question you on the color of tie your spouse was wearing that day. They may discuss the menu too.

Mundane activities: They will also question you about the mundane activities you and your spouse are into. This could be something related to preparing breakfast, getting the kids ready for school and many such aspects which might not seem to be too important to remember.

Memories of the past: they may show you a picture of both of you and may question you about the food you had the day you clicked the same. This is again a little difficult to remember.

Immigration officials may cover any of the above mentioned areas and may not touch upon any of these by asking you something from the blues. All you need to do is to be genuine and remember every possible detail about your family which not only includes your husband or wife but the children, and even your in-laws too. There would be many things you might not be prepared enough to answer, all you need to do is to handle the situation smartly rather than displaying your under-confidence.

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