Germany needs skilled immigrants

Yes, its quite true. Germany is wooing skilled foreigners wanting to work in Germany.

Germany needs skilled foreigners—Are you a skilled foreigner willing to work overseas? And are you ready to immigrate to Germany for working here? Then Germany needs you.

Yes, the latest news is that Germany is in dire need of skilled foreigners ready to live and work in Germany. So, if you want to immigrate to Germany for working here, then it’s the right time to do it now.

Germany is wooing skilled foreigners wanting to come, live and work in Germany as a skilled foreign worker.

117,000 jobs in Germany—Germany is trying to lure migrants from different nations to come and work here. Its trying hard to fill nearly 117,000 jobs in different sectors including engineering, technology and science. And as per the estimates, by the year 2020, the number of vacant job positions may go up to as much as nearly one million jobs.

This has been estimated by Cologne Institute for Economic Research. So, Germany is successfully having a good competition with developed nations like the US, the UK and other nations to attract foreign workers for filling vacant Germany job positions at the earliest possible time.

Immigration is of great importance to Germany and the nation understands this quite well. Immigrants are needed for filling shortage of workers in the nation, said Axel Plu’’nnecke, who is a professor at the Cologne Institute.

Germany attracting immigrants in big numbers—No wonder, Germany is attracting skilled immigrants, including skilled foreign workers, in big numbers. In the year 2014, a net increase of around 400,000 has been witnessed in the number of foreign arrivals in Germany. Unemployment or joblessness is nearly 5.2 percent in Germany as compared to around 11.8 percent in the eurozone(comprising 18 nations).

New Germany immigrants well-educated--The data shows that new arrivals in Germany are well-educated. They are in the age group between 20-65 years and have graduate degrees, reveals a report by Deutsche Bank. Nearly 10 percent hold degrees IT, math, engineering or science degrees.

This clearly shows that Germany has already become a favored destination for skilled foreigners wanting to work overseas.

And another fact worth notable is that skilled immigrants are, not in any way, snatching or taking away jobs from native Germany because the rate of joblessness is quite low already.

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