Germany announces crackdown on welfare abuse by immigrants

Germany has launched a crackdown on welfare tourism for migrants from other EU states. This has been revealed by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

Germany to cap social-welfare benefit for migrants—Migrants coming to Germany will now be subject to new tougher restrictions for welfare access. The new tougher clampdown by Germany comes following alleged abuse of welfare benefits by migrants from other EU(European Union) nations.

Germany has proposed measures against welfare abuse by EU citizens.

Details of the proposed restrictions—As per the details, Germany will have the authority to expel EU nationals who are out-of-job in the nation after six months or who abuse the welfare system of the nation.

Meanwhile, the proposals are still awaiting parliamentary approval. Meanwhile, critics claim that such a ban would lead to a conflicting system with the EU(since EU allows free movement within the member nations).

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere and Labor Minister Andrea Nahles stated that the proposed restrictions would not hinder free movement in the EU nor will they violate EU norms.

Recently, the UK(another member state) also announced a crackdown on those abusing social-welfare system for languishing on benefits in the UK.

Aim of such tougher proposed rules is to prevent ‘welfare tourism’ from spreading among migrants coming to the UK or Germany from EU.

Tougher access to child benefit in Germany—Migrants to Germany may be facing tougher access to child benefits. As per the details, child benefit access will only be available to migrants from other EU nations who have a tax identification number.

This latest measure by Germany will ensure families claiming child benefit in several nations or getting child support for children they don’t actually have. If any migrant is found to be misusing the child benefit system by use of fake documents or asking for payments while being self-employed, he or she is likely to face a ban from coming to Germany for a period of five years.

Also, EU citizens culd also face imprisonment for up to three years or fine if they are found to be giving false or incomplete statements about their residency status.

Germay will only offer temporary residency permits to EU citizens and job prospects will be required to be demonstrated before anyone wants a residency permit having validity of more than six months.