FY 2015 US H-1B Visa cap reached

Yes, this has been revealed by the US immigration department USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services).

US H-1B Visa cap reached—The annual quota for accepting US H-1B Visa petitions for the fiscal year 2015 has been reached. And this has been reached in a short span of just five days. So, the US immigration department will not be accepting any more applications for US H-1B visas for the year FY(Fiscal Year) 2015 now.

It needs to be noted that a large number of applicants forwarded their applications for US H1B Visa in the period of last seven days. So, the statutory cap for the US H1B Visas has reached in just five days(business days) after the filing season.

The US immigration department USCIS announced that it has already reached the annual quota for US H1B Visa petitions for the FY 2015.

The annual limit for US H-1B petitions under the US Advanced degree exemption happens to be 20,000 annually. And the USCIS confirmed that applications more than the annual intake have been received under this category.

Such applications or petitions are not subject to the annual cap for US H-1B Visa petitions for which the US has an annual cap of 65,000.

Random selection date not announced—It may be notable that the US immigration department is yet to announce the exact date on which it will conduct the selection process of applications on a random basis.

The selection of the applications or petitions for US H-1B visas is done through a computerized draw(computer-generated selection process).

What is the maximum quota for US H-1B visas?—A maximum of 65,000 US H-1B visa are issued to the foreigners in a year.

And an additional quota of 20,000 US H-1B visas is meant for those having advanced US degrees or higher US degrees. The US H-1B visa happens to be a non-immigrant US visa allowing US employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis for working in the US.

It needs to be noted that fifty percent of the annual quota for US H-1B visas is meant to be used US subsidiaries of Indian IT firms. Such firms issue US L1 visas and US H-1B visas to Indian IT professionals for working in the US for a short period.

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