Foreign students warned about abusing Australia visa rules

Discontinuing their study course and working full time can result in being sent back to their home nation, the warning adds.

Don’t breach Australia visa norms—Are you a foreigner in Australia on Australia student visa and thinking of discontinuing your study course and taking up a full-time job there? Don’t do so, states the recent warning by Australia government.

Australia government has warned international students not to abuse Australia visa rules by stopping their study and working full time.

It’s a clear breach of Australia visa rules to start working full time by stopping your study course in Australia. This could simply lead to being sent out of Australia by the government.

Australia’s work rules for international students—The latest warning comes in the wake of an increasingly high number of instances where foreigners on Australia student visas don’t care to review their visa rights before taking up employment in Australia.

This has led to the launch of a recent campaign by the DIBP(Department of Immigration and Border Control) to help offer a reminder to all foreign students in Australia on Australia student visas about their work rights here.

• Always check your Australia visa rights before taking any step with regard to full-time employment here.

• Mostly, foreign students on Australia student visas are allowed to work in Australia for 40 hours per fortnight(15 days).

• In addition, such international students should continue their study course or they will not have the right to be in Australia on Australia student visa.

• Even if any foreign student or international student intends to work full time for just one semester by not attending his or her study course for that semester, it’s a clear breach of Australia student visa rules.

• If any international student does not care to follow Australia student visa rules and continues to work full time while not attending his or her study course, then it will result in cancellation of this Australia student visa.

Moreover, such a foreign student will get debarred from making any application for Australia visa(any Australia visa category) while being in Australia and is going to face a three-year re-entry ban for getting any temporary visa.

• Such a foreign student will be sent back to his or her home nation by Australia immigration department.