Foreign students–Getting Canada health insurance

If yes, then you must know that you need to secure Canada health insurance for the time period of your stay in Canada.

Canada health insurance coverage must for international students—For any foreign student thinking of pursuing study in Canada, getting Canada health insurance coverage during his or her stay in Canada is must.

Canada health insurance coverage is required for international students during their time in the nation.

Now, the question that comes in the minds of many aspirants of studying in Canada the type of Canada health insurance coverage needed by such international students. Well. It entirely depends on the Canadian province chosen by the international student.

Know Canada health insurance coverage requirements prior to Canada arrival--So, the requirements for Canada health insurance coverage can differ from one Canadian province to another.

And the international students need to have knowledge about the rules or eligibility requirements for Canada health insurance coverage of the Canadian province they wish to study in.

Canada healthcare coverage for foreign students—Foreign students wanting to study in any of the following Canadian province can look forward to health coverage—

• British Columbia;

• Alberta; • Manitoba;

• Northwest Territories;

• Newfoundland and Labrador;

• Saskatchewan.

Which Canadian provinces do not provide Canada health coverage to foreign students ?—Following Canadian provinces do not offer health coverage to international students—

• Ontario;

• Quebec;

• Nova Scotia;

• New Brunswick;

• Prince Edward Island;

• Yukon.

Hence, for any international student wanting to study in any of the above mentioned Canadian province need to buy private health insurance.

Meanwhile, you need to know that Quebec has agreed to social services pacts with nine European nations enabling foreign students to get public healthcare during their study in Quebec.

Why is Canada healthcare significant?—The reason why Canada healthcare is significant or important for any international student or even temporary foreign workers is due to the following facilities provided by Canada healthcare system—

• Canada healthcare system offers medically required hospital services;

• Also, it provides medically necessary physician services as well.

For Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens, Canadian government provides all government healthcare services. But, with regard to provision of such services to international students and temporary foreign workers, each Canadian province has the authority to do so(or deny it).