Foreign students fall prey to immigration consultants

This has been come to the notice of Canadian government recently.

International students targeted by unscrupulous consultants—For foreign students, coming to Canada is a dream come true, a wish long cherished by many.

And this has made Canada a favored destination for studying overseas thus overtaking many other nations like Australia and the UK.

However, the sad part is that many unscrupulous immigration consultants are taking advantage of this increasing popularity of Canada as a destination for studying abroad. And this has shattered confidence and faith of foreign students even in legitimate immigration agents.

Consider, for instance, the case of Vipul Patel who hails from India. Patel came to Canada with big dreams of studying in Canada and live here forever. However, fate willed otherwise for him.

This 23-year-old became an easy victim of ghost immigration consultant.

Canada’s crackdown on ghost immigration consultants—Canada government’s step of coming down heavily on ghost immigration consultants last year was a much needed move to combat growing incidences of cheating innocent foreign students in Canada.

Patel was quick to approach the federal regulator(Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and lodge a complaint against the ghost immigration consultant.

In his complaint, Patel said he was lied about the eligibility criteria for studying and working in Quebec. President of CIS Experts, a registered consulting firm based in Montreal, Johny Purohit, informs that French is mandatory in Quebec and is required for applying for Quebec skilled worker program.

However, he informs that Vipul Patel was made to believe that he could get a work permit for three years if he pursued study course of two years duration in Quebec which is incorrect, maintains Purohit.

Canada’s efforts towards international students-In order to offer increased protection to international students and to ease their immigration in Canada, the federal government has fast-tracked immigration for them.

In addition, it has increased the annual intake of foreign students under CEC(Canadian Experience Class) All such steps aim to improve Canada’s reputation among international students and to offer better protection to international students coming to study in Canada.